More books reviewed for your pleasure!


Here are 3 more books that really helped me a lot during my studies. More inspiration and more understanding leads to better design!



Jeweller’s Directory of Gemstones

A great book for gemstone newcomers and aspiring jewellers alike. The excellent thing about this book is that it introduces gemstones in an informative way from the point of view of jewellery design, as opposed to the usual gemstone literature from the scientific or collectors’ perspective – this approach is a real breath of fresh air for those who get lost in scientific terminology. I found this book to have pretty comprehensive coverage of all the gemstone families and is packed with plenty of images. Most useful I found were the sections on application and treatment of stones, as well as how to spot imitations! There are a couple of noticeable omissions, but for the most part it was informative and easy to read.



20th Century Jewelry & the Icons of Style

This book tells the story of 11 extraordinary women who over the course of the 20th Century had amassed the most remarkable personal collections of gems and jewellery pieces imaginable. Fabulously wealthy and obviously with impeccable taste, they obviously knew a lot about jewellery – often resetting and redesigning the gems they had acquired. What you’ll see then is an unprecedented collection of only the finest gems in the world, used in the most spectacular way. It was hard to put this book down, as each of the almost 400 stunning photographs hooked us to keep turning the pages…and through the jewellery, it’s as if you could imagine how these women lived their lives.


Authentic Art Deco Jewelry Designs

This is a wonderful portfolio of over 700 amazing Art Deco designs created in the late 1920s. Covering all sorts of jewellery pieces and accessories, these anonymously designs in fine watercolour or gouache, are an invaluable source of Art Deco inspiration to any student of design. I love the strong geometric patterns that were a signature of the style. Reading through this book, the only thing you’ll wish is that these designs had been reproduced in colour! But this doesn’t take away from the beauty and usefulness of this collection. Very good.