My take on Chinese jewellery books


Studying at Hong Kong’s Baptist University together with my own interests, meant that I have had the pleasure of using several Chinese language texts on Jewellery. Given that good books in Chinese on the subject are relatively fewer, I thought it necessary to share with you a few of the best.



全球經典奢華珠寶設計200 – International luxury fine jewellery designer 200

Taiwanese published. Written in Traditional Chinese with few English descriptions (mainly only the designer name and the original name of the jewelry piece). This comprehensive book comes with detail descriptions and beautiful visuals with detail product shots. You can easily feel the art, attitude, creativity and fine quality of 30 great jewellery masters, including John Hardy, Shaun Lane, Frederic Boucheron and many more. More than 200 pieces of classic one-of-a-kind collectable art pieces are featured here, and I applaud the way each piece’s unique story is delivered.



翡翠鑒賞手冊 ( Jade appreciation hand book)

Published in China. Written in Simplified Chinese.

This book really gives you all you need to know about Jade. It covers all aspects of Jade from the name, origin, products, manufacturing, care and even introducing ‘jargon’ from jade insiders. Great images. My only issue was that it is a bit wordy, and uses a lot of technical terms which might take some time for beginners to digest.


與珠寶的美麗邂逅 – a beautiful encounter with fine jewellery

Published in Taiwan. Written by the first Taiwanese Chief Jewellery designer of Bottega in France.

Great images with detailed description and introductions on various types of popular gemstones and precious materials e.g. diamonds, pearl, jade, ruby, emeralds…etc. It also provides a detail summary about grading, buying tips and certification, but I did find it lacked any real depth. I think this book is more like a quick reference for beginners or someone planning to invest in fine jewellery.